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whether chasing dust devils or rainbows, there is a design for every Joshua Tree journey.

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  • Earth-friendly printers

    I seek out printers that have earth-friendly products and practices.

  • Eco friendly packaging

    I use sustainable packaging alternatives like compostable mailers.

  • Support good causes

    Either through specific products or donating a portion of proceeds during a set period of time, it is important for me to support good causes.

  • Work with BIPOC and Asian owned businesses

    To diversify my vendors, I actively seek to work with BIPOC and Asian owned businesses.

  • Support local businesses

    Supporting the community we live and work in is important to me and so is choosing to work with businesses that align with my values.

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Lisa Burford wearing a denim jacket over a magenta dress with embroidered details. She is standing in front of a yellow mesh wall and has her right hand touching her shoulder.

About Lisa Burford®

Lisa's home studio is hugged by the mountains of Joshua Tree National Park. This unique beautiful location inspires her work and motivates her to design products that are good for the environment and good for people too.

Photo by Eryn Shea Photography @erynsheaphoto

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